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February 10th, 2009 by callister

I listened to last week and i really like this one song but i’m having a very hard time to find out who sings the song. I Goggled the lyrics few times but all end up crap. So, i listen to everyday in attempt to find out the details of the song but still, i failed.:mad:

Maybe today is my lucky day, i asked bluecrystaldude, and he knows it. Thank you so much man.. You saved my day.:razz::grin:

This is the song that i’m talking bout.

Caprice- Fantasy Girl.

Download: Caprice- Fantasy girl.

[audio:Caprice feat LM - Fantasy Girl.mp3.MP3]

Warning: The Video is only for 18 and above. Minor, please watch it under supervision.:razz:

Just so you know, this Caprice man is a local artist + he’s a malay with the man Ariz Ramli( go find him in Facebook).. Seriously man, i’m amazed and you have to admit that his musics are good. I thought he’s an international artist.:wink:

So, enjoy…:grin: You gotta love this man for his talent. I really hope he’s a wise Malaysian artist..:wink:

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  1. melbie says:

    hey, callister! 🙂 Sorry for it’s been so long since I last visited you here 😉

    With this post of yours, I just realised that I’m so outdated when it comes to new music.. or rather.. everything! LOL!

    A very catchy song indeed..

    melbie´s last blog post..Feeling Better… Finally…!

  2. Eriyza says:

    Layankan saja.
    Tq Callister. 🙂

    Eriyza´s last blog post..Evolusi Muzik The Lipstik

  3. hye bini yam. ahhah. lama xmai cni 😛

    Sweet Thinker´s last blog post..Momen Momen Menuju Lembah Durja

  4. callister says:

    hye melbie..
    no problem la… 🙂

    that’s why la u kena bc post i..
    baru la update.. 😛

  5. callister says:

    lagu sedap…
    layan je la ek.. 🙂

  6. callister says:

    yea aku adalah bini yam..
    ko nk jadik bini yam gak ke?? 😛

  7. cyc says:

    hi.. can u send me the lyric for thsi song ?

  8. Finito says:

    gemparks arh lgu diew!!
    yea yea i wan da lyrics oso!! any1??????? plseee

  9. Finito says:

    LOL!! aq dpt tngkap chorus diew jew..

    she’s a star nvr seen,nthng ever gets between fantasy girl~
    dancing to me in da jeans,nthng ever gets between us ma fantasy girl~

    AHAhAHa besh arh lgu nih!! lgu diew yg dem’ gilrs tu pn besh jgk! feat. Lah V.E x silap aq..

  10. Luvy says:

    wat a shame…the music is really awsome but the video seems promoting porno video..actually the girls dont have to act like expecting something like charlie’s angels or tom rider or somenthing shows strong,smart yet sexy woman..womans should be respected!

  11. molly says:

    thank you very much …!!! i’ve waiting for someone to provide the download link … i’ve been looking for this song all over the internet for months now …
    seriously mann … thank you very much for this …!!!

  12. callister says:

    check out my latest page…lyrics posted …enjoy ! 😀

  13. callister says:

    of course you can..just check out my latest post and you can see the lyrics !

  14. callister says:

    lyrics posted in the latet need to scratch your head for the lyrics now ! 😛

  15. callister says:

    as a bonus for you..lyrics posted as from you can be sure it’s the right one.. 😎

    remember to add this page to your bookmarks..lots of other hot stuff coming in !

  16. may88_98 says:

    thanks for the song!!!

  17. l says:

    i love tis awesome man too.

    p/s : thanx for sharing d song.
    sharing is caring. 😆 :up:

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