Ever heard of green police?

January 22nd, 2010 by callister

stays in, works in, studies in or even visiting the city of Bowling Green.

Their mission is very simple. To improve the quality of life experience in the city’s neighborhood and to involve the community in decisions that has impact on them as well as to provide necessary services deemed important by the community. Their motto is fairness – integrity – respect – customer service – team oriented – honesty.

Recently, green police has help to prevent a crime from happening in the city neighborhood. They managed to arrest 2 people that were suspects to attempted burglary and managed to escape from police detention. Later on, they were detained by the Green Police following a report from a Cogans Lane resident. You can read the full story on the arrest by green police here.

Green police is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency which means they have the authority and every right to question and arrest people in order to uphold justice and bring peace. Not only that, they also offer a few programs to teach and educate people about important subject, increasing awareness on a topic and life skills. Among the courses held by Green Police are Blockwatch – a program to provide training to groups and neighborhood to make their community safer and EZ Plus Program – a course to teach 7th and 8th graders about positive live skills. Other courses that are provided are EZ Plus for parents, Crimestoppers, DARE (an anti-drug program) and other presentations by Green Police members.

Personally, I think the efforts by Green Police deserve applause from the community. They dedicated and work along with other law enforcement agency to help the community to enjoy life without any worries and educate people on many important subjects that sometimes overlooked.

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