Flower the lioness

October 29th, 2011 by callister

I brought her to the vet today because I think it’s been 4 months since her last visit. I was hesitated at first because I know well how she’ll react. And I’m not wrong.

I brought her to the new vet The Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic in Taman Oversea Union. I used to have her check at Kennel’s Animal Clinic near Jalan Kelang Lama but because of her fierceness all the staff there seems to BLACKLIST her. They don’t want any business witht her.

She scratched my hand. Shame on you cat! This is the hand who feed you.

The new vet was okay. She looks gentle but no no no… She acted like she’s a lioness in a jungle.  Flower seems to have a serious trust issue against human. She’ll go crazy every time she’s been checked. There’s not much the vet can do when Flower acted like that. I want the vet to clip her nail but that’s not an option unless you want to be hospitalized because you got attacked by a lioness.

The total damage is RM105.50. Gosh, it’s quite pricey there.

Yeah cat. That’s how much it cost. Eat it!!

p/s: Is there any cat whisperer out there who can sort out the problems I have with flower? She does not trust human.:sad:

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  1. Antares says:

    Was Flower found on the street as a kitten? Sounds like it – in which case the ordeal she experienced before a kind feline fan like yourself adopted her will be deeply embedded in her cellular memory. It’s also possible that she was neutered before her first mating and pregnancy – and that can also throw cats and dogs into a permanent state of neurosis. I know you would rather hear solutions than just a discussion on the problem – but the aetiology (origins) of disease are extremely important to study before one embarks on any attempt to cure! In the case of dogs, sometimes just a few sessions with a whisperer or empath can trigger dramatic changes – but felines have stronger egos and will only change when they are ready.
    Antares´s last blog post ..Bless your soul, dear Altantuya (wish you had better taste in men, though)…

  2. Zul says:

    Kenapa tak updae blog? haha

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