I had a dream.

October 11th, 2008 by callister

I kinda hate my life at this fucking moment. Don’t ask me why cos i really don’t have the answer. I guess i just hate being myself! So damn lame.:sad::mad:

Have some photos to share with you. I smiled when i saw it, i bet you’ll smile too.

Porn star

Yeah! Hungah hungah!!:razz:


“NOOOOOOO! (puff, puff) DON’T LEAVE ME!! (puff, puff)


AT LEAST TELL ME (puff, puff) HOW TO WORK (puff, puff)  THE CAN OPENER!! (puff, puff)  NURSE!! I NEED 50 CCs OF ADRENALINE AND A CHEW TOY, STAT!!”

Got this from here.


She does look like Fazura right? But she’s not.:???:


Argh!! Tension2!!! Help me..:vangry::sad:

ps: I had a very weird dream. I ran into a one eyed leopard, what is that mean??

pss: I’m not being a superstitious here, but it is a really weird one. Maybe someone can help me.

72 Responses to “I had a dream.”

  1. callister says:

    nanti sy citer adry..

  2. callister says:

    nanti sy citer ek adilla..
    full story..

  3. callister says:

    yeah rite zsazsa…
    u hang on ye babe..

  4. callister says:

    bis2 ko selere tgk ape choki??
    tp comel la nm ko chokilala.. 😀

  5. callister says:

    tgh sbr la ni mrahfa..
    kalo xsbr,bunuh diri dah pun.. 😛

  6. callister says:

    2 la..sy google pun xjumpe ape maksud..
    yg ada pun leopard mata dua,xda mata satu..

  7. Zul says:

    haha… i really like that dog.. really funny lolx.. awesome entry i think..

  8. callister says:

    huhu..ko sorg je suke anjing 2.. :up:
    yg lain suke yg porn star..

  9. Zul says:

    haha.. yerke.. alamak.. ade kiraan undi ke? abisla aku.. undi bocorr

  10. Eugene says:

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  11. callister says:

    xda plak kire undi..
    tp ko tgk la komen kat atas 2,sume sembang psl porn star 2.. 😮

  12. adieos says:

    hehe.. hamper menyesal puji aritu… :mrgreen:

    adieoss last blog post..T-pah kasi buku lagi… 🙂

  13. callister says:

    haha..2 la sape suh puji lagi.. 😛

  14. Zul says:

    aku terkecuali la nampaknye.. tp ntah knp plak aku tergelak baca dialog anjing tuh.. haha.. sgt anjing sekali..

  15. callister says:

    bgus2..aku memg nak suruh org gelak pun! 😆

  16. Najib Hassan says:

    My answer…you suddenly feel tired with all thing! and what you do in past still not enough. You still thinking what really life is and you just feel *empty* Jiwa Kosong!! arghhh i feel the same too today..dont know why but i just hate my life today..not like another day but today just f*rk*** empty feeling.~

    *sorry for my bad words*

    Najib Hassans last blog post..Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touchscreen

  17. pluginbaby says:

    i rofl’ed at the fazura look-a-like pic.. LOL! 👿

  18. Richie says:

    wooooo..ganas gila burung nie siot..

    Richies last blog post..Bill Gates Started To Be A Billionare Not By Selling His Product

  19. callister says:

    thx u eugene… 🙂

  20. callister says:

    haha..ko ni nape emotioanal ni najib??
    bw sbr ye.. 🙂
    sume orang akan rasa mcm 2 kdg2, so isikan dgn aktiviti yang menyeronokkan seperti bc blog aku yer.. 😛
    sbr2.. 🙂 😀

  21. callister says:

    haha..thx u for rofl’ed at those pic..
    that is my pure intention..to make people laugh… 🙂
    hehe.. 🙂 😀

  22. callister says:

    haha..you mesti terkejut ni kan richie?? 😛

    tapi i rasa gigi dia 2 ada plak, kena antra g doktor gigi ni, takut nanti kalo dia sakit gigi..
    lagi garang jadinya..hehe.. 🙂 😛

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