I want DirectTV so badly

March 19th, 2009 by callister

I know everyone in Malaysia ever heard of Astro right? It’s the only paid TV broadcast that I know still exists in Malaysia. We have MiTV sometime ago but not sure what’s the status now. So I’m just browsing through the internet to look for alternatives on paid TV in Malaysia and I stumbled upon a website titled Direct TV.

Curious what’s it all about, I take deeper view into the page and took a look into their Direct TV Packages. From my readings, it’s more or less like Astro. It uses satellite dish to operate so it’s looking much more like Astro to me. Still curious with their offering of satellite based provider instead of offering cable services, I wanted to know what are they offering to their customers to beat the cable TV.

Something that caught my eyes was the DirectTV Packages. They are offering more that 300 channels to the subscribers. That’s a whole lot more than Astro. Furthermore, you can customize your own package, which channels that you want and what type of decoder that you want. You can have the standard satellite receiver or the satellite receiver with recording-capable decoder. Damn, that’s nice. I can record my favourite TV shows with that. If you’re feeling that you want to spend more, you can opt for high definition satellite receiver. That’s cool. In Malaysia, we don’t have any HDTV yet at the moment, even the ADSL broadband service sucks.

Oh well, I guess I have to pass this DirectTV Offers this time. Maybe someday, when I got the chance to live in the States, I will definitely check this satellite t v out. I might have been there at the moment if not because of the economic issues. :grin:

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  1. alone says:

    we’re still improving and i hope we have the chance to better and more choice of channels later on.

    yeah. sometimes broadband sucks. uhuhu.

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  2. haritz says:

    Never heard that before. Will look into it. 300 haa.. that lot of channel

    ps:hope not like astro paid but to many add. who want to see all that 😯

    haritz´s last blog post..Ular Pelahap

  3. goolooloo says:

    oh well, i love the point “customize”. I like astro, but not all their program. Maybe its time to raise up our voice to astro. haha..

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  4. nikillas says:

    sekarang banyak iklan..!! iklan.. iklan.. iklan.. aku paid bkn nk tgk iklan.. nk tgk citer.. haish..

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  5. budeen says:

    i got this free app in my phone that offer pretty much the same.. 300+ channel via wifi network.. but the bandwidth sucks!!

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  6. callister says:

    300 byk kan?
    mesti smpai xcukup masa nk tgk.. 😆

  7. callister says:

    me 2..
    i like sth that i can customize… 😀

  8. callister says:

    itu la psl…
    kalo xnk iklan kan,aku rasa kita kena wat channel snirik…
    nak join venture dgn aku? 💡 😀

  9. callister says:

    ye ke??
    tp kalo Bandwidth sucks payah la plak kan.. 😡

  10. callister says:

    channel yg ada skang duk asik ulang citer sama..
    wth.. 😎 👿

  11. pcuserz says:

    astro still the dominant paid tv provider,
    whatever choices they have, we have to stick with it.
    competition really needed for the sake of consumers like us.

  12. rohaizad says:

    Macam ada bau paid post jer… ekekekeke 😆 😆

  13. samdaddycool says:

    The bad thing about Astro’s dish is no coverage during heavy rain (Malaysia got rain all along the year). Compare to cable tv which is not effected with the rain..

    What a waste if you subscribe to Astro during raining season at the east coast…

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  14. fishballisme says:

    “What a waste if you subscribe to Astro during raining season at the east coast…”

    so true!

    fishballisme´s last blog post..Allah lebih menyayanginya

  15. Pradeesh says:

    Your post caught my attention. To tell you the truth , you must understand that I met a guy who was in ASTRO , a mat salleh to be exact. He said to me that ASTRO did some cut costs (typical Malaysians , want to maximise profit but don’t care about how crap their services are) , by using using ku-band (its very prone to raid fade , cheapos). So pretty much ASTRO did a crappy service and now they are going to come up with HD

    I can’t imagine that also lah. Welcome to malaysia la , my friend where monopoly rules. For instance our DSL Service provider

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