My top 5 movies on airplanes

February 25th, 2010 by callister

Every time I see a promotion on cheap flights, I always remember my favorite movies on flights and airplanes. There are a lot of movies out there but here are my top 5 movies on flights.

Number 5: Top Gun

Top Gun is a movie starring Tom Cruise, in fact one of his earliest movies. Not really my kind of movie but since Tom Cruise is in the movie, this is good enough to be in my top 5.

Number 4: Air Force One

Another movie starring one of my favorite actors of all time which is Harrison Ford. Harrison played the role of President James Marshall, the United States president in the movie and how he fights to take control of Air Force One from been hijacked by terrorists.

Number 3: Snakes on a plane.

An out of ordinary film about flights. In this movie, Samuel L. Jackson played the role of Neville Flynn that needs to protect an FBI witness from the assassins while escorting the witness for testimony in court. The assassins used snakes to kill everyone on the plane, not only the witness in order to prevent the witness from appearing in court!

Number 2: Stealth

This movie is more into fighter jets and not the normal airplanes. My first impression of the movie is very dull but actually it’s very interesting to watch and you’ll be amaze on the special effects used in the film. That’s why it goes to my second best movie for airplanes.

Number 1: Con Air

This is by far the best movie I ever watched about airplanes and truthfully, I lost count on how many times I watch this movie. It’s really entertaining to watch and it will play with your emotions! There’s no one better to be leading actor in this movie other than Nicolas Cage! Perfect casting and directing for the film. Great sound track too!

There you go. My list of the top 5 movies about planes. I know you have your own list. Why don’t you share it with me?

2 Responses to “My top 5 movies on airplanes”

  1. mael says:

    Haha.. One movie that I remember watch on airplane is Transformers 2 in europe language.
    .-= mael´s last blog ..Hello Schoolgirl (2008) =-.

  2. shandye says:

    semua senarai filem ada tema kapal terbang, katanya!


    i suka air force one. harrison ford sangat yummeh dlm itu movie.

    anyway, tataw la movie apa yg sesuai ditonton dlm kapal terbang… tak pernah naik flight… huhu…

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