My WAHL chrome ionic 2000W

October 29th, 2011 by callister

This few months I have developed a new hobby. I’m addicted to reading reviews. Is it a hobby when you’re addicted to something? I don’t know, you tell me.;-) I mostly enjoy reading them on and Makeupalley. I think when I read them it makes a better consumer. So, before I buy any beauty products I make it a habit to read reviews first.

Well, when I think of it,I think I know exactly when I started to have this habit. Like I said, it was few months ago. When I actually have to earn the money. You know, the one you get when you have to work your ass off working for a month. It’s called salary. Yeah, when it’s your own money you are most likely to appreciate it a lot more. I don’t want to buy products that will go into waste. I want my money to be well spent. So, I think by reading reviews it somehow helps me to achieve that goal.

When I read reviews, I find them to help me a lot on making decisions. Maybe it’ll helps you too. So, here’s my first review. :mrgreen:

WAHL chrome ionic 2000W

I’ve been dreaming of owning a kick ass hair dryer since I kept my hair long. You know, when you hair is long it’s not easy to dry them after you shower and they are very unruly. My hair is very thick. You can imagine how much work I have to put into it to prevent bad hair day. I got this amazing WAHL chrome ionic 2000w hair dryer from A friend help me to buy it because in case you didn’t know did not sent any items to Malaysia. Sucks right? Big time. I bet it’ll cost fortune to sent them to Malaysia.

So, my dream came true. YEAH!!! I like it a lot. This my my second hair dryer. My first ever hair dryer does not work for me any more. It’s so small and it can’t handle heavy duty works. :razz: Wanna take a look at it?

HAHA. No kidding right? So cute and innocent.

The WAHL chrome ionic 2000w hair dryer will cost you about RM 88 or GBP 18. For me it’s a good deal.  + The hair dryer comes with a diffuser. Even though I’m still learning and struggling on how to curl my hair using the diffuser. It dries my hair in about 15 minutes. Good job! It also makes my hair shiny and more easy to work with. I think it’s because it has those ionic stuff. I’m a much happier woman now. HAHA.


  1. Easy to work with ( It has rubber handle )
  2. Does what it says on the box
  3. Produce shiny and workable hair
  4. Long cord
  5. Light weight
  1. A bit bulky.
I hope this help you if you’re planning to buy this product. It can be bought from Amazon and also Ebay. I don’t think they sell this in Malaysia. It’s very good and does not cost you a lot. ;-)
p/s: Don’t forget to apply some heat protectant serum/oil/spray on your hair before using any heat appliances. It will protect your hair from over heating.

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