Performers? Kappa girl?

November 25th, 2008 by callister

My dearest boy Life4Hire updated his blog yesterday morning, he rambled about Typealyzer, the website that can tell what kind of blogger you are through analyzing your blog’s content. Well, he is The Doers, read his here.

Well, wanna know what kind of blogger i am?.Typealyzer classified me as The Performers.:shock: Kindly read it below.


Hm.. Some part of it really describes me accurately and some are not, but i wanted to ask life4hire, what do you think? Please tell my readers, you know me better than i know myself.:grin:


And the picture above tells which part of brain that i used during writing, i wish i can elaborate more but hell,  the picture is self explanatory. :smile: Well, I can only say that i used all parts of my brain when writing.. Einstein maybe?:razz:

ps: Typealyzer only works if your blog is written in english, and if not this type of error may occur, “Detected language Indonesian. The only supported languages are English and Swedish. But stay tuned, we are expanding.”

Hey what kind of blogger do you think you are? I really wanna know.:wink:




This is another story from China, not about melamine or whatsoever but about a girl name Lu Jiani or also known as “Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl”. Well, actually this 22 year old Lu Jiani is a sales girl working for the sportswear Kappa at a Shanghai department store in China. This Chinese girl has a notorious sex video which is currently circulating wildly in the Internet.

This “Shanghai Orient Shopping Centre Kappa Girl’” is not that pretty anyway, but this wild Chinese girl did pretty messy job in the video. The 12 minute video seem to have been shot using a phone by her partner.
It was said that every one is rushing over to the Shanghai Kappa store in China with cameras in hand, hoping to get a glimpse of Lu Jiani. This Shanghai chinese girl has tried to profit from all her naughty stuff by charging high prices for interviews, public appearances, and ads on her Mandarin blog.:mad:

113 Responses to “Performers? Kappa girl?”

  1. callister says:

    hua~~memg geliga otak dia kan.. 😛

  2. callister says:

    hehe..ok gak 2 kan.. 😛 😀
    tapi masalahnya sy xpandai nyanyi.. 🙄

  3. Fishballisme says:

    Weee dah beratus komen.. ana baru je nak komen..!

    Callister, jadi cikgu ni banyak cuti tau, pastu senang wat loan. Pahala pun banyak. Tak rugi jadi cikgu akekekek..

  4. kusu says:

    ko tengok ke video tu????

  5. callister says:

    huahua~~memg la tapi sy rasa xkena dgn jiwa sy la.. 😛
    kalo ana betul2 kenal sy,ana sniri akan kata sy memg xsesuai jadi cikgu.. 😳

  6. callister says:

    mestilah tidak..
    xda keje aku… 😀 😛

  7. Fishballisme says:

    Huuu.. ana paham.. 😀 sebab ana pon sebenarnya tak sesuai juga dengan kerjaya sebagai guru. Seorang guru mana boleh bangun lambat.. hehehe saya pulak selalu bangun lambat.. hehehe

    Fishballisme´s last blog post..Keys and worm

  8. Fishballisme says:

    Huuu.. ana paham.. 😀 sebab ana pon sebenarnya tak sesuai juga dengan kerjaya sebagai cikgu. Hehehe

    Fishballisme´s last blog post..Keys and worm

  9. callister says:

    yeah!!welcome to the club~~ 🙂 :up:

  10. kusu says:

    haha..kalau tak macam mana ko bole tau length video tu 12 minit lebih..hehe xde la memain je.. ➡

  11. callister says:

    ciss..aku google la wey… 😉

  12. ellyda zsazsa says:

    agreed with the first paragraph hheeh.. even though i have not met u :D.. but u sure sound like it hehehe..

  13. callister says:

    owh thx u for the compliment ellyda..
    i like it..

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