Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

January 25th, 2010 by life4hire

Have you ever heard of electronic cigarette? If you don’t, then read this post to know more. As the name suggests, electronic cigarettes are designed to help smokers quit smoking or retain their habit but in a more healthy way. Sometimes electronic cigarette is also known as smokeless cigarettes by some people and I’ll tell you more about it.

Basically, an electronic cigarette is built from 2 parts. The part where the normal cigarettes put the tobacco in will be a battery and the cigarette butt will be the place where all the magic of electric cigarettes are. The butt will be the place where you put the flavor in so that it will taste like normal cigarette and in the flavor, there will be trace of nicotine to help smokers deal with the crave for smoking. Smoking electronic cigarette will give you the same feel as smoking normal cigarettes because they will produce water vapor each time you inhale and it gives the impression of smoke but without the harmful tar and other harmful ingredients.

If you want to know more about electronic cigarettes, you can check out ElectronicCigaretteSource.com. They have a lot of informative articles on electronic cigarettes and the benefits of electronic cigarette. The site is one of the top sites for getting information on electronic cigarettes. I actually own one and it costs me a fortune to buy it but it’s really worth it. I cut a lot on my expense for cigarettes as well as I’m on track for my mission to quit smoking. Check out the website now and get electronic cigarette free trial for yourself.

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  1. That is weird in lots of sense. What else after this? an electronic drug? *where you eat something and the supernova feeling will comes from electricity?* LOL

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