The importance of a good webhosting

March 24th, 2010 by callister

Everybody knows what webhosting is. It’s an online space where we store our files online. During the old times, webhosting is used to host large files for sharing purposes but now, the trend has changed. Webhosting nowadays are usually used for websites and blogs. Let’s take a look why choosing a good webhosting is important to us.

To minimize down time.

Some websites are very important for certain people and companies and they can’t afford for downtime. Without their site, they might lose a lot of revenue due to new potential customers as well as returning customers. Some people might think a 10 minute downtime is acceptable but for some, 10 minutes could cost them millions of dollars in profit. That’s why some people are very concerned about the downtime.

Support that is provided.

Some people are really good in designing websites but they’re not really good in configuration and other technicalities. This is where a great support from the webhosting is needed. Usually, the support is provided free of charge but some web hosting providers might charge a minimal fee to help you setup or install new applications on the webhosting. Support is also important when you’re having trouble accessing your web. A good support includes fast response to calls or emails as well as the total time that is taken to resolve the issue.

Reasonable price.

Price also needs to be considered. An expensive web hosting sometimes is no better than a cheaper hosting package. It might be different from package to package, but you need to know how to choose it properly. You need to consider your monthly bandwidth usage, the total space you need, how many domains you want to host, the size of your database and a few other things. If you have a big budget, then the price is not an issue for you but I seriously advice you to consider the pricing of the packages and take the package that suits you the most. You can save the money for hosting for your web development in the future.

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