What’s the latest Hollywood gossip?

March 24th, 2010 by callister

What is the latest Hollywood gossip that you heard? Last few months we’ve been entertained by Tiger Woods’ sex scandals with a number of women, his wife is filing a divorce and Tiger went all the way to the sexual therapy program just to win her heart back. Well, we still have heard some of the stories of Tiger’s marriage problem but it’s getting stale now. Time for some new Hollywood gossips!

It is reported that Kim Kardashian is breaking up with her boyfriend, Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush, the New Orleans Saints star was seen partying and flirting with an unidentified woman at Robin Thicke’s birthday party last week and the words have reached Kim. Not only that, Reggie was only spotted in Greenhouse, a famous night club in New York, mingling with a few women until the place shut down. The most interesting part is Kim hasn’t tweeted about Reggie for 12 days straight now where she used to tweet about her boyfriend at least once a day.

Kim is not the only woman in relationship crisis. Sandra Bullock, the recent winner for Oscar with her brilliant performance in The Blind Side movie is also having trouble in her marriage to Jesse James. It is reported that Jesse is having an affair with a tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. In the wake of the event, Sandra Bullock has canceled her appearances in Berlin and London for the premier of The Blind Side. It is also reported that Sandra has moved out from their home in California to avoid her husband, Jesse James and reliable sources claimed that both are seeking counsels from divorce attorneys. Oh well, at 46 years old, it’s never too late for Sandra to seek a new relationship.

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